Pre-debut : El Kabayo

Shooting a debutante is like shooting a prenup except the model is just one and she is much younger.  Other than that, the love and excitement (at this stage from the young lady and the parents) are all there.  Mix that with a lovely place, concept and the gorgeous giddyness of youth, makes for an amazing predebut shoot.

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New Yorkers in Tagaytay

Marc & Katherine are based in New York and organizing a wedding here from the states can be a happy kind of challenge.  But we thank them because they trusted us to capture this cheeky canary yellow wedding at the beautiful church in Calaruega and Taal Vista.

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#GarryArleneReset : A Story of Second Chances

So I really don't know how to start this story when it's finally my turn to blog about my own wedding.  After capturing hundreds of love stories, how do I start with my own?

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Ranch Romance & The Beach!

I must be spoiled crazy to have the sweetest and most creative friends to have done our prenup.  Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives - for the quirky weird twists.  From Imagine Nation Photography : Shayla Sanchez - for her rogue approach, Madoka Tomas for her bright sexy shots.  Sheryl for her happy "you" shots.

Fides and Wena of Belles & Bears for the prenup styling - ever since we did this shoot, Garry has been digging the skinny jeans-boots look.  Our friendship comes a long way & I love that we're able to work together again this way.

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{ Joel } + { Tasha } : Boracay

 Just think of a beach and smile.  Getting married on the beach of Boracay always holds that charming appeal of a destination wedding.  Tasha's globe trotting finds her way to Joel who is based in Australia and they seal their settling down on this beautiful tropical place.

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{ RJ } + { MJ } : Zambales Beach

Through low tide or high tide, love should remain.  The sea in Zambales was raging when RJ & MJ had their prenup here.  But, it was mesmerizing at the same time.  I still believe nature provides the best backdrops because you never know what you will get.  And that time, it was just crazy beautiful to shoot in the midst of a storm.

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{ Jim } + { Cheryl } : Studio Namu

Jim & Cheryl has this whole 500 Days of Summer meets Reality Bites kinda of look.  And when they talked, it wasn't a forced kind of romantic. They had these moments in between that were my favorite to capture.

{ Janno } + { Chum } : Love Brew. Orchid Country Club, Singapore

Janno and Chum had this insanely romantic, coffee-themed and very Pinoy wedding at the Orchid Country Club, Singapore.  Check it out with the touching harana moves and crazy fun group dance. Love it.  

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{ Von } + { Rica } : San Sebastian I One Esplanade

Rica was in this amazing gown by Veluz which just mesmerized me the whole day.  That and a whole lotta love from friends, family and especially Von made for a red hot wedding. These two look sexy together!  

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{ Boy } + { Tina } : Tagaytay

Boy and Tina go way back.  Having spent almost a lifetime together, they are already raising 5 beautiful children and have gone through many things that lead to this day of sealing their union and family in a gorgeous Tagaytay wedding.

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Bump Shoot : { Ben } + { Herlyn }

A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside.  When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.

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Space Encounters : { Giselle } + { Mike }

Here's Mike and Giselle's prenup at Space Encounters.  They're both dentists and took this day to dress up.  But I really think these two are real fashionistas on any ordinary day.  I remember Mike & Giselle how we made the most out of the space, fun and your love for each other this day.  They were relaxed, natural and chill - just the way prenups should be. :) 


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Reunited : A Family Portrait

When I captured the Argonza family, I knew it deep in my heart that I also wanted to capture families.  Meryll, booked a shoot with me as a gift to her family who just all came together complete after years and years of having their parents work abroad.

When she said "mala MMK ang story namin", I just felt so blessed to be in their midst of dressing up, putting on make-up, fixing the props for that shoot because I knew that this went beyond just a shoot for them.  

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Mango Farm Wedding : { Aprille } + { Jason }

Aprille and Jason and their Mango Farm Wedding.  I loved how all the details were pulled in together for this travel-themed wedding.  The details at The Mango Farm were set-up so chic as well -- I got fixated with the door

Thankful to God for the beautiful weather and game entourage for the group photo.

Weddings that have this shabby chic look and feel couldn't be pulled off without the help of the following suppliers :

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Boho Forest : { Gab } + { Ej }

I've always had this thing for flower crowns because it adds to that boho / pixie / dyosa kind of look and when Gab said she wanted that for her styled prenup - got me on a high. Haha. Ok weird.

These guys look good together. Ej a photographer (check out his cinematic works over on his blog) and Gab a model / beauty queen. Even the rain couldn't get us down - but challenged everyone even more.

Lovely and classy styling by Belles & Bears.  Check them out! This is the reason you get a stylist for your prenup - to polish everything out and put the whole look together.

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