{ Stuart } + { Shaleen } : Beautiful Bohol Beach Wedding

Getting married in Bohol is beautiful!¬† It still has that flair of being “untouched” and not that crowded.¬† It truly has that island vibe of getting married on one of the beautiful beaches of the Philippines. Bohol is very special to Stuart & Shaleen so they decided to hold it in a memorable resort to them – South Palms.

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{ Erich } + { Georgina } : Whimsical Bohemian Beach Wedding

I love this wedding because of how whimsical and bohemian and simply intimate and heartfelt everything was.¬† A lot of who the bride and groom was reflected in the details and styling.¬† A lot of DIY handcrafted things, stuff from Georgina’s online business ( from sunnies to tattoos plus parts of being a publisher and publisher’s wife were there.¬† Continue Reading →

{ CJ } + { Rod } : Summer San Pablo Wedding

Since its summery summer hot, I thought of posting about CJ and Rod’s wedding in its yellow-grey theme just in time for this heat! ¬†Sunny as it was, CJ and Rod showed equal amounts of happiness too throughout the day. ¬†

“I have found the one whom my soul loves” Song of Soloman 3:4

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{ Karla } + { Steve } : Casa San Pablo Garden Wedding

Perfect days are made of these. ¬†There is a gem of a place in San Pablo Laguna called Casa San Pablo where Karla & Steve got married. ¬†It has that very country chic feel to it and its like getting married in your backyard. ¬†Gorgeous for intimate weddings. ¬† Continue Reading →

{ Casey } + { Kaiser } : Beach Prenup

Having a prenup a day before your wedding is totally fine especially when you’re based abroad and have a few weeks in the Philippines to gear up for your wedding.¬† Casey and Kaiser were just as chill as can be when we did this.¬† The scenery was all set too and the best part was the sunset!¬† Loving the colors of the sky this side of Batangas. Continue Reading →

{ Jerson } + { Karen } : UP Los Banos Wedding, Laguna

I loved the light & portraits on Jerson & Karen’s wedding.¬† UP Los Banos, Laguna is such a charming place to get married.¬† And I’m not saying that just because I’m from there *wink Continue Reading →

{ Kevin } + { Sarah } : Punta Fuego Beach Prenup

Sarah and Kevin were just easy to capture because when the¬†came in front of the camera …they became themselves – sweet, really funny and all out natural as it can be. ¬†This is a symbol of their preparation for one of the biggest days of their lives – and the candidness and love¬†that happened this day easily continued on to their wedding day. ¬† Continue Reading →

{ Jim } + { Che }

Jim and Che could easily pass as a Koreanovela actor / actress.  Together since college, these two make a gorgeous couple.  At the time of this writing, Che is pregnant with their first child and I could not be happier for these two lovebirds.  Taking you back to that special day not so long ago.  Congrats guys!

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{ Pao } + { Ven } : Antipolo Farm

Pao and Ven are so lucky to have a weekend farm / garden to go home to in Antipolo to have their engagement shoot. ¬†You’ve got the garden, grass, trees and that beautiful light for a beautiful kinda love with Pao and Ven. ¬† Continue Reading →

{ Rico } + { Rachelle } : Light of Love

Rico is my husband’s¬†bestfriend from highschool. ¬†One day he tells us he has a pretty girlfriend,¬†and we couldn’t have agreed more when we saw Rachelle. Next thing we know he’s planning for the proposal and now he’s married! ¬†This looks back to that beautiful heartflelt day. ¬†

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{ Joanne } + { Jayjay }

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 – is a very powerful verse for me that translates how powerful God works in each of our lives. If God had not loved Joanne and Jayjay first individually and filled them with his goodness, they would not have have been full of that love to be able to make it where they are today as a couple.

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{ Chris } + { Zarah } : Lakeshore Prenup

This post is going to be different since I’m making it look like a storybook prenup album right about the end of this blog. ¬†Had a fun day at the lake with Chris and Zarah who looked gorgeous and dapper in a styling set by Jemi Nicdao and hair & makeup by Mariah Camaya Santos. Beautiful days are made of these ūüėČ

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{ Levi } + { Lala }

I love reminiscing beautiful days like this of Levi and Lala.  Every couple will always have that lovely “I remember when” to look back on to as a reminder of how faithful God has been in their lives.  Thank you for the friendship Levi and Lala! May God bless you more and more each day ;) 

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{ Leand } + { Mae } : Sulyap Cafe

 Leand & Mae had a Filipiniana wedding over at Sulyap Cafe in San Pablo.  They brought the party from New Zealand too to celebrate this special day in Laguna.  The place was charged with excitement and smiles for a legendary day!

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Wedding In The City

 The city has a magic that sometimes puts a spell on us.  Shooting this editorial shoot for BridalPod was refreshing in the grafitti and alleys of urban Manila.  I loved collaborating with the following creative minds :

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{ Dexter } + { Issa } : Casa San Pablo

Dexter and Issa felt like they just knew each other, but they’ve been together for years already.  It felt like I was shooting from a romantic chic-flick movie in Casa San Pablo.  Maybe it was from this photo :

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{ Dawn } + { Andre } : Makati Shangrila – Sanctuario San Antonio Wedding

Its funny how Dawn kept peeking through the church doors before she walked her bridal march.  Which was the cutest! Plus she and Andre make a really gorgeous couple with such a young vibe to them. You can even check out their prenup here.

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{ Faye } + { Naveen } : Anawangin + Capones Island

Nothing beats the view of nature and the sea.  Shooting Faye & Naveen in the beauty of Anawangin & Capones Island makes me spoiled for life!  I think I was a mermaid in my past life for loving water so much.  

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{ Ruel } + { Thesa } : St. Therese, Lina’s Orchard, UPLB

Posting a wedding literally close to home.  Ruel and Thesa get married in nature – preps at SEARCA in UP Los Banos, St. Therese in the same campus and reception Lina’s Orchard which is really nearby. Continue Reading →

Waiting for A Hipster Katie

I can’t believe its been 3 years since I first met Kaycee Lim in a collaboration shoot with The PlumPinay and The Boudoir Dolls.  We definitely saw her blossom from a single lady to a wife and now into beautiful motherhood as we constantly worked together in a number of boudoir shoots over these sweet years.  

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